June 18, 2018

FCC leader promises better Internet as net neutrality rules expire

14 June 2018, 12:31 | Marlene Myers

Net Neutrality Officially Expired. Now States Are Passing Their Own Laws

Net neutrality repeal takes effect Monday

Monday, June 11, marks the official end of the US government's net neutrality rules, which had required broadband providers such as AT&T, Charter and Verizon to treat all Web traffic equally. Thanks to the repeal, the FCC no longer has that authority.

Will I have to pay more to reach certain sites or services?

. Of course, these commitments could change in the future, and indeed, some close observers have noticed subtle shifts in Comcast's promises already. The rules that were repealed banned ISPs from blocking websites or apps; ISPs were also banned from throttling or slowing down data due to the nature of content if that content was legal. This is how the term "net neutrality" was coined - the idea was that every bit is the same and that ISPs can't charge differentiated prices based on different types of services. "So, let's address concerns around paid prioritization without impacting those innovations".

Hello "light-touch" regulation internet.

How will the internet providers be regulated now?

For example, providers like Comcast, who were once blocked from slowing the streaming speed of competitors like Netflix, now have the ability to do so if they choose. They imposed increased government oversight of internet service providers by requiring them to treat web content equally and barring the blocking or slowing of rivals' content.

How soon should I expect broadband providers to make changes?

. Following the FCC's decision, network investment fell by billions of dollars - the first time that had happened outside of a recession in the broadband era.

The Obama-era federal regulations known as net neutrality are done - at least for now.

What's the logic behind the new rules, exactly? So, the broadband providers are likely to move cautiously. Like when we start to see plans from the telecoms that take advantage of the lack of net neutrality rules, is it possible we're going to like them? "They're slightly smarter than that".

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"The politicians who say, "oh we support Net Neutrality" but vote against - it's a cop out".

Washington's net neutrality rule casts enforcement as a provision of consumer protection in an attempt to avoid stepping into federal telecommunications statutes. "They now have nearly free reign over what content their subscribers will have access to", he wrote.

Martin said broadband providers probably won't mess with existing services like Netflix, as that could alienate consumers. Its chairman has long argued against the rules, pointing out that before they were put into effect in 2015, service providers had not engaged in any of the practices the rules prohibited. But late in the Obama administration, the FCC opened up an inquiry to see if they violated the general conduct provisions.

Do the states have any say about this?


Other states, including New York, Vermont, and Montana, are using executive orders and various other means of reinstating net neutrality, but at the moment, Washington is the only state to pass a bill protecting it. OR passed similiar legislation, but it won't go into effect until next year, as Motherboard reports.

Some states are trying to ensure that net neutrality is in effect, these states include Washington, Montana, and NY; other states have legislation pending.

OR also enacted a net neutrality law, signed in April and that goes into action in 2019, but it only restricts state agencies and other public bodies from contracting with network providers that don't meet non-discriminatory provisions. The Senate last month passed a Congressional Review Act measure 52-47 aiming to overturn the 2017 measure (the CRA is a quick way to overturn newly-passed regulations within 60 legislative days of passage).

Didn't Congress do something to restore the rules?


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