June 21, 2018

Anthem - release date and E3 2018 trailer

11 June 2018, 09:35 | Marlene Myers

Anthem gameplay trailer reveals how quests, combat, and flying work

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You can change which suit you use as well as customise them. Community response to EA's decision resulted in the publisher backtracking on the extent to which additional paid add-ons would affect the player's experience in "Battlefront II" and future titles.

Anthem will launch on 22nd February 2019, which is the same day as Days Gone, on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The hub for players will be single-player, though.

You'll also be able to customise your character - called the Freelancer - as well as personalise your Javelin exo-suit, which will have upgrades across the four suits. While no footage was shown, the idea of a battle royale mode made by Battlefield developer DICE was exciting enough to elicit a cacophony of cheers from the conference room.

Lead writer Cathleen Rootsart said the game was "designed so they could add more storylines" - describing how they wanted to build a game which changes every time you play.

Anthem also marks the return of Casey Hudson, formerly the director of the Mass Effect trilogy, to Bioware, and his imprint seems to be evident on the game's development.

Unlike BioWare's Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, Anthem won't feature romance options.

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While the game was designed from the ground up as a four-player co-op, the devs confirmed players would be able to play through the game solo. The game will serve as Bioware's answer to Bungie's Destiny, promising a huge world to explore with RPG elements and cooperative play.

There will be no loot boxes in the game, nor any other pay-to-play schemes that give players unfair advantages.

Formal Missions: Talk to A.I. agents to be given instructions on more substantial missions that will provide you with more details on characters, creatures, and Anthem history. It's shaping up to be exactly what I'm looking forward too.

Finally we get a proper look at Anthem, starting with a fist pumping trailer played to a remix of Uprising by Muse.

Anthem is set to release early next year, on February 22. But we're finding it doesn't really look like the kind of BioWare we've come to know - no alien flirting or tough narrative choices here.

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