Апреля 24, 2018

Black Harvard Pupil Seen Pounded by Authorities

17 Апреля 2018, 09:27 | Taylor George

A bystander's video shows four officers struggling with Ohene who was believed to be high on hallucinogenic drugs

A bystander's video shows four officers struggling with Ohene who was believed to be high on hallucinogenic drugs

The Cambridge Police Department said it will investigate a recent arrest of a Harvard student.

-Video shows brutal beating of Black Harvard student by police "Help me, Jesus!" It contains racial slurs and expletives used by bystanders as a crowd gathered.

Police said they tried to reason with Ohene but he became more hostile and would not comply with their demands, so they took him down, according to the report. Critics have accused them of beating Ohene.

Police claim the use of force was justified in arresting the man, identified as Selorme Ohene, because he was high on drugs at the time of the incident and acting in an aggressive and unruly manner.

Commissioner Branville G. Bard Jr. gave a lengthy press conference in which he provided more details of the incident.

According to an arrest report, the incident began unfolding at 9.09pm on Friday when officers responded to the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Waterhouse Street for a disturbance. Six other people later called to report a man who appeared completely naked. Ohene then yells as three other officers jump on him.

Bard said violence is the last resort, and expressed solidarity with the officers.

The officer who delivered the blows to Ohene's stomach later wrote in his report that 'these [punches] seemed ineffective'. His legs were grabbed, and he was taken down to the ground. As we previously noted, use of force was required in order to effectuate the male's arrest.

Ohene was taken to an area hospital for evaluation. While in transport, he proceeded to spit a mixture of blood and saliva at an EMT.

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The 21-year-old student was later charged with exposure, disorderly conduct, assault, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on ambulance personnel, according to The Globe. Officials are awaiting the results of Ohene's mental health evaluation before determining whether he should face criminal charges.

"While it can be inferred that any injury to the mouth occurred during the struggle with police, the male could have had, could have suffered from injuries prior to use getting there", Bard said. The video of the incident "speaks for itself", they added. The commissioner said "it's a very hard thing to do" to "constrain an individual against their will".

"You have to judge their actions within the context of a rapidly evolving situation and not within an ideal construct", Bard continued. Some of the students say they witnessed the event and said it was an unprovoked attack on Ohene. "As many as 30 onlookers had stopped to observe the nude male on Mass Ave".

He added: 'Every attempt that was made to calm Ohene down and reason with him was met with opposition. "We are reminded, as soon-to-be-graduates of an elite law school that we can not protect our bodies with our degrees - and that is why we also call our current students and alumni to embrace these demands as inclusive to all Black people, not just Harvardians".

Bard explained that after Ohene was brought down, he "contorted his body" in a way that pinned his arms beneath his body, thus making it impossible for the officers to handcuff him. Police shackled his ankles before putting him in an ambulance. "Help me, Jesus!" Eventually, a fourth officer helps restrain Ohene while another one can be seen punching the student. The officers held him to the ground until paramedics arrived, placed him on a stretcher, and put him in the ambulance.

The organization asked people not to share Oherne's name.

Harvard University President Drew Faust called the incident "profoundly disturbing". We have high standards for our police officers in Cambridge. In most cases, the extensive training our officers go through results in the de-escalation of risky situations. "When confrontations can not be averted and include the use of physical force, we must be willing to review our actions to ensure that our police officers are providing the highest level of safety for all".

'Cambridge affirms that Black Lives Matter, but it must be true in practice as well, ' McGovern wrote in the statement released on Sunday.

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