June 18, 2018

The Depression-Acne Connection We Should All Be Talking About

10 February 2018, 07:43 | Winifred Adams

The Depression-Acne Connection We Should All Be Talking About

The Depression-Acne Connection We Should All Be Talking About

The research results found that the probability of developing depression was 18.5% for acne patients and 12 % for those without acne. Therefore, a new studyshowing that people who suffer from acne are more likely to develop depression didn't come as a huge surprise.

The researchers used data from a major primary care database in the United Kingdom, collected between 1986 and 2012 (The Health Improvement Network - THIN), to investigate the link between the skin disease and mental health.

For this study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, researchers followed 130,000 people with acne and 1.7 million people without acne, tracking their physical and mental health for over 15 years.

"It can have a substantial impact on overall mental health", said Isabelle A. Vallerand, lead author of the study and an epidemiologist at the University of Calgary. Doctors could be advised to monitor moods in acne patients, helping them get treatment if necessary. "It can impose significant mental health concerns and should be taken seriously".

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Vallerand underscored that, for many people, acne represents more than a skin blemish.

"Having acne can affect how teens - and even adults - feel about themselves". The risk was 63 percent higher compared to individuals without acne, the study says. the researchers concluded that acne patients are at a higher risk of depression. In other words: Acne doesn't cause depression, but acne and depression might be caused by the same underlying issue. "Being social and being able to share anxiety with friends helps".

You could be at an increased risk for major depression, according to a new report.

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