June 18, 2018

Rare day for the Church

11 February 2018, 03:26 | Winston Chapman

Rare day for the Church

Rare day for the Church

You missed it all along?

What should I give up for Lent 2018?

. Surely you missed it all along! "If you go out for Valentine's dinner, you can just have salmon", he said. Not even when it occurs during Lent.

Unlike Christmas, Easter and Lent fall on different days each year, based on the lunar calendar. In fact, it has provoked confusion with some people around.

Lent is a penitential season of prayer, starting with Ash Wednesday and continuing until Holy Saturday.

Ash Wednesday might be the ideal time for a couple whose relationship is broken to get back to romance and chocolate, the bishop said. Such an odd world! It's the day when chocolate and flowers sell off.

The news is that Lent actually improves the value of Valentine. That God Almighty endured violence, too. He uses the seasons of the year to ingrain divine lessons. It is not the love of God. Make this a holy Lent. "(Galatians 5:22-26) And, of course, there is no better advice than that of Jesus Himself: " you wish that men would do to you, do so to them. After that comes Lent, which is much more somber. The word neighbour is not one who lives near you, but your enemies. We can show a little restraint, right? For even sinners love those who love them... Second, we must be careful when we're on the internet or at work. Promote solidarity by teaching others about global poverty, inequality and other oppressive systems to change and protect human life and dignity.

As for the season of Lent, Sis said Catholic practices involve prayer, fasting, and almsgiving and it is up to the individual to decide how to do that. Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day are ultimately just days. I bet that February 14 is a time when a lot of single people resolve to start looking seriously for a spouse.

In preparation for Easter, Christians around the world soon will sport the sign of the cross on their foreheads, marked with ashes.

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" Valentine Day celebration can contribute and stimulate the economy of our immediate society".

I invite you to join me in my weekly Monday abstinence from the internet and social media.

In the Catholic Church, every Mass is really a valentine celebration.

"Instead of my time and my self-absorption, I can go out of myself for another in likeness to Christ who went out of himself for us", she said.

So, how do you offer a Valentine to God? Reflect on the intensity of the love that makes that happen.

Today, Valentine's Day is not so much focused upon Valentine as it is on the concept of love.

In addition to being a great remedy against the seductions of the Evil One, these three traditional practices are also a great means to help us reorder our relationship to God, our neighbor and appetites. In those hymns, the deepest emotions of genuine love lay embedded, waiting to be embraced.

Valentine signifies love and so does Lent. Thus the Scriptures remind us of Jesus being led by the Holy Spirit to be tempted in the desert. True lovers do not merely point out the way, they travel with the beloved. "Eventually, I either consume them or share them with others". As Pope Benedict XVI once said, Lent "stimulates us to rediscover the mercy of God so that we, in turn, become more merciful toward our brothers and sisters". Sometimes we have made a bad personal choice, we have inflicted physical or emotional distress on another or we've turned our back on God for one reason or another. This is also the secret of self-mastery, for he who does not first master himself can not conquer, never mind change the world. The Valentine way with "Lent" in it, is the way to that mastery. To master the self is the calling of all Christians.

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