June 18, 2018

Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Thursday at the Bottom of the World

15 February 2018, 04:15 | Winston Chapman

Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Thursday at the Bottom of the World

Partial Solar Eclipse Occurs Thursday at the Bottom of the World

The first partial solar eclipse of 2018 will be observed on February 15th and sadly as per astrological predictions this eclipse will not be visible in India.

Everyone admired the rare phenomenon of the supermoon recently. So, it passed just to the south of the center of Earth's shadow and, in the process, became completely immersed in the shadow's darkest portion, the umbra, resulting in a total lunar eclipse. But for astronomy enthusiasts, there is another celestial event happening this week.

Unlike in a total solar eclipse, wherein the moon totally blocks our view of the sun and engulfing it in total darkness, the moon's penumbral shadow will only appear to take a bite from the sun during a partial eclipse.

While it won't be as remarkable as the August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse, spectators and enthusiasts will be able to note a slight change in the shape of the sun. In a total solar eclipse the moon moves in between the sun and the earth in such a way that the sun's rays can not reach the earth. When a CME cloud plows through the solar wind, high velocity solar energetic particles can be produced and because they are charged, they must follow the magnetic field lines that pervade the space between the Sun and the Earth. When these flux ropes erupt from active regions on the Sun (regions associated with sunspots and very strong magnetic fields), they are often accompanied by large solar flares; eruptions from quiet regions of the Sun, such as the "polar crown" filament eruptions, sometimes do not have accompanying flares. This is not likely for us due to a large amount of cloud cover and the sun coming up around that time, but those on the west coast of the USA may see them.

The eclipse will begin on February 15 at 6:55 pm and will reach its maximum at 8:51 pm and the last location to see the partial eclipse would be at 10:47 pm.

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The entire eclipse will be visible from northern Europe, northern Asia and parts of eastern Asia - and for this one the United Kingdom will enjoy a partial eclipse, starting at 6.14pm on July 27.

A partial Solar Eclipse takes place on February 15, but it is only visible in Southern American and Antarctica.

The countries from where the partial solar eclipse can be seen are Argentina and Chile, along with the southernmost parts of Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. Similarly, two weeks later, at the time of a new moon, if the distance of the moon from the node has not become too great in the interim, we will have an eclipse of the sun. The rays from the sun can be harmful. So, please don't get carried away and use requisite solar filters. In a Solar eclipse, eyes are damaged due to invisible infrared wavelengths, warns NASA and people should avoid all risks.

The next partial eclipse on July 13 is expected to pass through South Australia, the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The illusion can create mesmerizing crescent shapes or make it appear as though there's a chunk missing from the sun.

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