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How cheese affects the heart

04 December 2017, 06:24 | Winifred Adams

How cheese affects the heart

How cheese affects the heart

For example, a Reading University study released in May suggested that because cheese has such a high calcium content, it overrides the high levels of saturated fat.

Following an analysis of 15 existing studies on the health effects of eating cheese - which took into consideration the diet and health outcomes of more than 200,000 people - researchers found that on average, people who ate one portion of cheese per day were 14 percent less likely to develop coronary heart disease and 10 percent less likely to have a stroke.

Consuming cheese on regular basis may lower the risk of getting heart attack, as per study reveals.

Volunteers eating around 40g a day - about the size of a small matchbox - saw the greatest reduction in risk to their health. In addition, with the maintenance of cholesterol and fat in the body the risk of cardiovascular disease has been decreased.

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Soochow University has now found that cheese raises levels of so-called "good" cholesterol while reducing levels of "bad" cholesterol.

Cheese also contains an acid that can help avert clogging of the arteries, "Express.Co.Uk" reported.

If you don't eat cheese every day, honestly, what do the majority of your meals consist of? Therefore, nutritionists recommended people to consume more of those foods which share nutrients with dairy products. The biggest element in cheese appears to be the close association between calcium and fat, he further added. "There is a link between the fat and calcium which makes the fat less digestible". This is why the British Heart Foundation advises heart disease patients to forgo cheese and replace it with yogurt or milk.

"The number of participants in particular gives us a really clear global picture of the neutral association of dairy on heart disease risk, and some indications about the potentially beneficial effect of fermented dairy on heart health, although further studies are needed to confirm this".

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