January 23, 2018

Bigg Boss 11 Winner: Shilpa could win the show

06 December 2017, 08:38 | Taylor George

Big Boss 11 updates : Akash, Shilpa nominated for eviction

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manu Punjabi says Shilpa Shinde will win the show

Bigg Boss 11 house is not the destination you would go looking for general knowledge. When the final buzzer will ring, they will have to park their pram in the parking lot.

Hina told Hiten she wanted to become the captain and he replied he would also like to be the captain. The one who will remain will be out of captaincy task. When Vikas asked, "What is heavier - one kilo iron, one kilo cotton or a kilo gold?" both Arshi and Hina Khan had it wrong. "You should have played the game instead of behaving like a loser", he told Akash.

Recently in an unseen video, Arshi was seen discussing Luv's amusing actions with Hiten Tejwani, Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma. Vikas tells Puneesh to make Arshi understand as Akash was spreading lies. Vikas tells Hiten that Akash is not interested in the game. Meanwhile, Arshi said she wanted to become the captain and would deliberately make Shilpa disqualify, and did exactly that.

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She has openly displayed her "tharki" side in the show and proves it time and again by troubling and harassing Hiten Tejwani. Vikas and Arshi continued their fight and Vikas Arshi was upset that Vikas was listening to Puneesh and did not want to listen to her. Vikas, on the other hand, was upset that she was believing Akash. Puneesh says he wants to see Arshi win. Akash tries to console her. Vikas tells Puneesh that he will survive only if Luv gets nominated with him. Puneesh tells Vikas that Arshi has been telling him to stop talking to Shilpa but he will do that.

In the end, Akash tries to calm them and says it was a bad idea. Irritated, Arshi says, she does not care about being a captain. They agree with her but as soon as she leaves, they flip. Additionally, Vikas tells Puneesh that he should not let Luv be the next captain and Puneesh tells him to not make Arshi the captain. Hug it out With what he thinks are the few of his last days in the house, Akash tells Arshi he wants to bury the hatchet and that he will always be her friend.

The first round of the task is complete, and Shilpa has some fun by making Priyank and Luv's doll sleep together. When Arshi again questions Vikas about their friendship, Vikas shuts her up saying that her accusations were disgusting.

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