April 20, 2018

Sex rarely makes heart stop, study shows

13 November 2017, 05:37 | Winifred Adams

Fewer than one in five men who suffer cardiac arrest during sex survive — because their partners do not know CPR

Men more at risk of rare heart attack after sex claims Study

It's a common Hollywood trope - an older guy is having enthusiastic sex with a gal half his age when he suddenly flops over dead.

The good news is that heart attacks during sex are still rare.

Of those cases, 18 occurred during sex and 15 immediately after sex. "But mostly I feel it's reassuring data". Most victims die. The medical condition is different from a heart attack, in which blood flow to the heart is cut off. People who have suffered heart attacks or have other heart problems are at increased risk of cardiac arrest. "The risk is very small".

The new findings are part of a 16-year study of heart risk factors involving about a million people living in and around Portland.

One in 100 cases of cardiac arrest in men was associated with sexual activity, compared with one in 1000 cases in women.

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Anxious whether your heart health is strong enough for sex? Sudden cardiac arrest is, more often than not, fatal, and it requires immediate specialized attention in order for the worst outcome to be prevented. That equated to 1 per cent of all male cases and 0.1 per cent... She is director of the NYU Center for Women's Health and an AHA spokeswoman. "It's not that we are preoccupied by sex". Later the scientist asked that whether sex can be called risky for the heart patients and the answer come as to be on hold. During this time 4.5 thousand people died from sudden cardiac arrest, which allowed the experts to determine the relationship of these cases with sex.

Patients who experienced sudden cardiac arrest linked to sexual activity had higher rates of ventricular fibrillation - a serious cardiac rhythm disturbance - and tachycardia, a higher-than-normal heart rate.

"Performing CPR by bystanders until the ambulance arrives translates to significantly better survival for cardiac arrest", report author Aapo Aro said. "You're pretty much guaranteed to have a witness if sexual activity is involved".

Only one-third of these SCA cases received bystander CPR.

The study is scheduled to be presented Sunday at the American Heart Association's annual meeting in Anaheim, Calif.

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