March 17, 2018

Jon Stewart On Louis CK: 'Could I Have Done More?'

14 November 2017, 11:21 | Winston Chapman

Stewart: I Was 'shocked' at Sexual Misconduct Accusations Against Louis CK

Louis CK scandal: Jon Stewart is 'stunned'; more distributors dump 'I Love You, Daddy'

When an audience member asked Stewart whether the then-unconfirmed rumors about C.K. had crossed his radar, Stewart responded in an offhanded way, first with jokes and then with reassurances of C.K.'s good nature.

Stewart's response to Louis CK's alleged behavior generated criticism after video resurfaced of Stewart laughing off a question regarding Louis CK's inappropriate behavior during a May 2016 taping of David Axelrod's podcast "The Axe Files" at the University of Chicago. Another comedian and long-time friend of the C.K., Marc Maron, addressed the ongoing scandal on Monday's episode of WTF with Marc Maron, so now it was Stewart's turn.

"Look, comedy on its best day is not a great environment for women", Stewart admitted.

Speaking to Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, Stewart said he was "stunned" by the allegations against C.K., which the comedian admitted were true in a New York Times exposé published Thursday. "I tried to think about it in terms of, you know, I've had friends who have had compulsions and have done things ― gambling or drinking or drugs", Stewart said during an appearance on the "Today" show.

"So you feel anger at what he did to people", Stewart said.

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The New York Times report about Louis C.K. caused a videotaped interaction between Stewart and a University of Chicago student from past year to resurface.

"I think it's gotten better over the years", Stewart said, "but certainly when we started 30 years ago, it was really hard, and so to do it was an act of bravery in and of itself". "I didn't see the tweets.

No, that's not been my experience", Stewart said. "I'm not that connected to that world". "I hadn't heard, at that point, at any of it", Stewart remembered. "You know who you're talking to, right?" he said to him, incredulously.

On Tuesday morning, Stewart talked about that incident on Today, saying that he had been caught off guard by Ackerman's question. "At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my d-k without asking first, which is also true". Following the Times report, HBO announced that C.K. would no "no longer be participating" in the benefit. "I know Louie. He's always been a gentleman" - to me, which, again, speaks to the blindness a man has".

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