October 20, 2017

The ACLU Defends Milo Yiannopoulos

10 August 2017, 06:43 | Winifred Adams

ACLU sues Metro for rejecting controversial ads, saying its policy violates the First Amendment

An ad for

Milo Worldwide LLCsubmitted ads with Yiannopoulos' face, info on pre-ordering his book, "Dangerous", and a short blurbs from one of four publications calling Yiannopoulos "The most hated man on the Internet", "The ultimate troll", "The Kanye West of Journalism" and an "Internet Supervillain". The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority removed a transit ad that MILO placed in their subway cars and stations after an outcry from several members of the DC community.

WMATA did not immediately reply to a request for comment. Milo Worldwide, the company Yiannopoulos established after being thrown out of Breitbart, had paid Outfront $27,690 for the placement and production of 45 ads around Metro's system. Those organizations' ads promoting-respectively-veganism, abortion services, and the First Amendment were denied placement in D.C.'s Metro system.

NEW YORK, N.Y. August 9, 2017.

One of the advertisers in the suit is the publisher of unsafe, the latest book from Milo Yiannopoulos, a former Breitbart editor and online troll who made a name for himself by bullying actress Leslie Jones and espousing the Islamophoblic policies of Donald Trump; Yiannopoulos has faded from public view after he was caught defending pedophilia.

Groups whose ads for buses and trains were rejected by a District of Columbia transit agency are suing. Despite the fact that WMATA's own guidelines that allow medical and health-related advertisements are acceptable "if the substance of the message is now accepted by the American Medical Association and/or the Food and Drug Administration"-as mifepristone, the medication in question, is-Carafem's proposed ad was rejected as political content".

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"The ACLU has backed plenty of bad causes in the past, but they are also sometimes in the right, such as today". "Metro will also carefully examine the legal concerns related to displaying, or discontinuing the display of, issue-related advertisements".

Melissa Grant, the chief operations officer for Carafem, said in an interview that the organization had successfully purchased Metro ads twice before guidelines changed in 2015.

By representing Yiannopoulos, Esseks says the ACLU is standing form in their belief that free speech aids in the progression of civil rights movements.

The complaint cites a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that held trademarks couldn't be invalidated based on the First Amendment, because the government office isn't in the business of view point discrimination. "I'm joined in this lawsuit by fellow plaintiffs including pharmaceutical villains and vitamin-deficient vegans, but I'm no stranger to odd bedfellows". Just 10 days after the ads went up, WMATA directed its agents to take them all down and issue a refund - suddenly claiming that the ads violated the same policies it relied on to reject the ads from the ACLU, Carafem, and PETA. Strong opponents keep us honest.

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