February 18, 2018

Here's where the clearest skies will be during the total solar eclipse

12 August 2017, 01:40 | Kevin Scott

A solar filter made from solar film for an 80mm telescope. Credit Bob Baer

How to Make Solar Filters

Jessica Pasley wearing VEI eclipse glasses.

Science Central's event Sunday will show people how to experience the solar eclipse safely during hands-on activities and demonstrations, the science center said on its website,

The path goes just south of the IN border, which means Fort Wayne will experience a partial solar eclipse with about 85 percent of the sun blocked, Science Central Executive Director Martin S. Fisher said IN a news release. The last one visible from anywhere in the United States was on July 11, 1991, when Hawaiian observers saw this phenomenon of the Moon passing directly in front of the Sun. "For Glasgow, you will not see a total eclipse".

"Folks in eastern North Carolina are going to get about a 90 percent obscuration of the sun by the moon depending on how close you are to the path of totality. So just the basic measurement of when the eclipse is happening will help us refine our knowledge of the size of the sun".

Stand still and cover your eyes with your eclipse glasses or solar viewer before looking up at the bright sun. Petro says observations of the sun during totality will also allow scientists to study the solar corona. Although the corona itself doesn't produce enough radiation to harm the retina, the seconds before and after the total eclipse can produce enough light intensity to be harmful.

"We're going to have telescopes with solar filters, we've ordered 250 pairs of solar glasses that are safe to observe. My wife thinks I'm nuts", Hamill said. If weather is cloudy, most viewing events will provide a live NASA stream of the eclipse inside. Sunglasses, even dark ones, aren't safe for looking at an eclipse. Or I have here a strip of material that I got from the Orion telescope company.

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Will you be watching the eclipse? .

NASA warned in July that sellers were offering faulty eclipse glasses while claiming they were legitimate. Cheap knock-offs are being sold in stores and online.

Considering that demand, the American Astronomical Society has updated its safety advice "in response to alarming reports" of unsafe eclipse-viewers popping up online.

At first, AAS said people should look for the ISO 12312-2 label on their glasses, but recent counterfeits have contained that label even though they were not safe, Mashable reported. We've posted a link at

Tweet Embed: "Your eclipse glasses should be delivered between August 18 and September 21" Uh, NOT HELPFUL GUYS!

"This eclipse was in my high school astronomy books from the 1980s. Also make sure to watch for motorists who may be slowing or stopping and pedestrians standing near or on the roadway trying to view the event". Specialty solar glasses that meet the global standard ISO 12312-2 for direct observation of the sun should be used.

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