March 17, 2018

Children's Museum in West Hartford Offering Telescope Viewing of Solar Eclipse

13 August 2017, 07:38 | Kevin Scott

Children's Museum in West Hartford Offering Telescope Viewing of Solar Eclipse

CSCC is planning eclipse viewing party for faculty, staff and students

The Land of Enchantment will only experience a partial eclipse, but the 60 mile wide path of "totality" from OR to SC will be ground zero with numerous telescopes.

14 Number of states in the path of totality from coast to coast. There certainly wasn't Twitter or Facebook in 1979, but now you can expect numerous posts in your feed from across the country as people share their eclipse experiences. This occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and the Moon. And for many across the continent, they will get to see it in full totality - when the moon completely blocks out the sun. The eclipse will end at 3:50 p.m. There is bound to be plenty of traffic the day of the eclipse and you don't want to be stuck in traffic while it's happening!

So how can you watch the eclipse then? To observe that you will have to travel out of state. When you first look directly at the sun, what happens is it damages the center part.

Ensure that your solar eclipse glasses are not torn, scratched, or damaged in any way.

At first, AAS said people should look for the ISO 12312-2 label on their glasses, but recent counterfeits have contained that label even though they were not safe, Mashable reported. Alternatively, you can purchase them online, but be careful to only get products that comply with the ISO 12312-2 global safety standard for filters for direct viewing of the sun. Even if you're outside the main path, you can still get the treat of a partial eclipse. After cutting a pinhole in the paper or cardboard, he said a person can hold it toward the sun and it "projects an image down on the ground".

Heavy rains trigger flood-like situation
The second wave flood claimed 5 lives as total death toll mounted to 89 in this year so far in the state. The army has also been put on stand by alert for emergency rescue operations, news agency PTI reported.

Federer into final of ATP Rogers Cup
Federer hammered five aces, made just two double faults and won 81% of his first serve points in the 68-minute centre court match. He is the youngest player ever to reach the semifinals of a Masters Series tournament, one level below the Grand Slams.

Meteor shower visible this weekend
In the capital, open spaces like Richmond Park and Hampstead Heath could provide ideal spots to settle in for a night of stargazing.

We are just 10 days away from the first total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years.

A total solar eclipse is coming August 21, and you will need special spectacles to view it. Sunglasses will not protect your eyes. AAS has a list of reputable vendors on its website ( that includes's APO, Rainbow Symphony, Celestron and many others. Moon is void of its light and reflects the light from the sun to the earth. "So that means that ... most of the time, the moon is above or below the sun in the sky, and so it doesn't cover it up".

Nelson moved to Kentucky 15 years ago and one of the deciding factors was where could he live that would put him close to the eclipse path.

A lunar eclipse is a rare phenomenon when the moon goes behind the Earth into the earth's shadow.

Patrick Motl is associate professor of physics at Indiana University Kokomo.

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