May 28, 2018

The real reason Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch broke up

19 May 2017, 09:02 | Winston Chapman

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn

Having lost none of her comedy chops in the 15 years she's spent off screen, she gets numerous biggest laughs as the safety obsessed Linda, bickering her way through danger. So off they set and when one thing leads to another (they get kidnapped and held to ransom), the mother-daughter bond is stretched to the limit. "It changes for me sometimes", she said.

Faced with no job, no boyfriend, non-refundable tickets and no friends she isn't fighting with, owes money to, or both, Emily begs her divorced, cat-loving mum Linda (Hawn) to go with her.

Hawn's power, adds Schumer, is that "she will make you laugh, and then your heart is broken in the next second". I'm not sure there are many other actresses - comedic or otherwise - who would perform the scene in which she cleans herself up in a public bathroom before going out on a date.

"He's a great guy", Hawn said of Hudson's new beau.

The mother-daughter relationship in Snatched was an easy source to tap for both Hawn and Schumer, who profess to having unbelievable relationships with their own mothers. Seven Sharp's Shavaughn Ruakere caught up with the pair. That said, Schumer's a survivor. "That gaze, where you see yourself reflected in her eyes, and there's just so much love".

"I feel like I've always been able to feel confident about my body".

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"I'm joking, but it's kind of true". I really was. But by the way he was loose too! "My nervous system was already set up".

While Goldie, who has been in a relationship with actor Kurt Russell for 34 years, replied: 'I like a bad guy, I have to say. And maybe, just maybe, Schumer is a bit more believable in such a scene because she's not afraid of getting embarrassed.

A-okay! Ben's brother said that he is "doing fine" following the split.

And the funniest moments, Schumer says, are the most natural ones.

"You do not allow that to happen". "An editor from a women's magazine came up to me and said, 'Don't you feel bad that you're playing a dumb blonde?'" recalls the star, who was stunned by the query.

Snatched is now screening.

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