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David Lynch says he initially didn't want 'Twin Peaks' to return

20 Мая 2017, 12:15 | Winston Chapman

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039;Blue Velvet'

There is a straight line here, starting almost 60 years ago in "The Twilight Zone" and leading to the fantasy, horror and science-fiction shows of today. He takes over Josie's body, transferring her soul into a dresser knob (yes, seriously). Yet Cooper doesn't coast on that privilege; he befriends the oddballs (one of the best visuals the show has ever given us is that of Cooper, the man who could ask any girl to the dance, sitting in the bar next to the Log Lady, in all her rumpled, crabbed grandeur, as they sip their drinks) and champions the weak and the broken like a trenchcoated Galahad. And, of course, one where the 1950s never quite ended. But trouble soon emerged in the form of public negotiations between Lynch and the cable network, with the filmmaker taking to Twitter to announce his departure from the project "because not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done". It's the rare influence he openly acknowledges. In Sheriff Harry S. Truman, you've got a friend. The future was bright.

We also know that expectations couldn't be running any higher, so the twin pressures on the return of "Twin Peaks" are enormous.

A particular kind of longing for this period hangs over Lynch's work, as well as that work's reception. Ronette's flashback "May the Giant Be With You, ' Episode 201 Twin Peaks got away with showing a lot of scary, violent imagery on a broadcast network, especially for 1990-91, and Ronette's flashback to BOB killing Laura in the train vehicle is one of the scariest". And along the way, he turned himself into something of an icon. Seeing his name in the credits, you might imagine a storied Italian maestro like Ennio Morricone, but Badalamenti was born and raised in Brooklyn, with a father who owned a fish market.

I can give you a clear and concise answer to those questions: I don't know. You don't realize just how many references that are thrown in throughout your life go back to "Twin Peaks", this tour de force.

Yes indeed. The show's original creator and director and all-round visionary genius is firmly at the helm, though it's fair to say it was touch and go for a while there. He falls in Love with Twin Peaks and all its rural life.

Director/writer David Lynch and co-writer Mark Frost created a sensation in 1990 when "Twin Peaks" premiered on ABC.

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And Twede's Cafe, which doubled both inside and outside as the Double R Diner, is ready for the fans. And in politics, well, there's Brexit, the US election, nationalist movements across the world, and - yes - groups like ISIS, all of which depend upon a harking-back to glorious, imaginary pasts as a salve for the fragmentation and anxiety of the present. It's the mystery that enraptured TV audiences of the early 90s: who stood behind the murder of the homecoming queen, the shining star of a quaint Washington state town?

Lynch and Frost have admitted that they originally planned to leave her murder unresolved, using it as the jumping-off point for exploring the town's myriad mysteries. And let's face it: This is David Lynch here. While filming his 1986 film Blue Velvet, Lynch wanted to use This Mortal Coil's haunting cover of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren". The existence of the internet means they're going to be even more obsessive this time around. Its imprint is in the zeitgeist like never before, whether or not the teens (and tweens and full grown adults) devouring these shows have any idea they're watching watered down Twin Peaks.

Lynch helps us understand the people and the forces that hold sway over us. "I think "Twin Peaks" was ahead of its time in a lot of ways, and I think with more stuff like ("Stranger Things") out there, people get used to it". Twin Peaks constantly calls into question whether BOB is real. It comes from us. It's got to have a follow-through from the beginning to the end. The violence is entirely implied, but that actually makes it even more disturbing.

Kyle MacLachlan returns as Agent Cooper in "Twin Peaks".

When TVInsider spoke with Mädchen Amick before January's Riverdale premiere, we couldn't stop ourselves from asking the actress about her time on Twin Peaks. In other words, you can have things in a theater much louder and also much quieter.

My Thoughts Are All Mixed Up, a painting by David Lynch. It is also a way out.

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