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Nintendo Said To Be Eyeing Mini-NES Follow-Up

20 April 2017, 11:31 | Marlene Myers

Nintendo Said To Be Eyeing Mini-NES Follow-Up

Nintendo Said To Be Eyeing Mini-NES Follow-Up

It's one of the biggest selling game consoles of all time and looks set to make a comeback as sources close to Nintendo reveal a SNES mini could be launched in time for Christmas.

Nintendo did admit that the Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition received tremendous attention so pulling the plug comes a bit of a surprise. While third-party adapters have filled in this hole on the Nintendo Classic Mini NES, an official adapter would show that Nintendo cares about its old controllers. However, most may have forgotten that the resurrection of the famed 1986 game console was expected to be done on a limited basis.

Despite the mini console's popularity, many wondered if Nintendo would eventually release a SNES Classic Edition. Hence, it may all be an upgrade in a sense, much of which was covered in a separate post. This highly sought-after retro gaming console is reported to be replaced by a mini version of the Super NES (SNES) Mini. According to Eurogamer, the new classic console is said to launch December this year.

Personally, there's a lot more things I'd like to play on the SNES rather than the NES, so when it does come out I'm hoping to get a lot more mileage out of it than I did the NES, where I ended up just playing Kirby and nothing much else.

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There are no details yet given as to which games will be included in the new SNES Mini. Which makes sense - the NES Classic was a massive success, and Nintendo could never produce enough of them to actually keep them on shelves (feel free to pay triple the asking price on eBay if you're still in the market).

Nintendo is planning to come out with the SNES Mini, which is why the NES Classic Edition was discontinued.

NBA Jam and Super Bomberman are two that instantly jump to mind - and are the two games that could even get me to buy a SNES Mini multi-tap, if such a hallowed object gets willed into existence by Nintendo.

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