June 23, 2017

Most Canadians support pot legalization, think it will fail in key goals

21 April 2017, 02:09 | Darin Griffith

Even most Americans who oppose legalizing marijuana think so. Now, it's showing signs of wear.

At the turn of the last century, cannabis wasn't illegal in the United States and was a common ingredient in patent medicines, available at many drug stores or by mail.

The legalization movement in the USA began when OR decriminalized cannabis in 1973. The nation's most populous state simply decided it would stop prosecuting sick people for using pot. The original list included cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, glaucoma, pain not relieved by standard medicines and "other medical conditions approved by the state medical quality assurance board". The U.S. government expressed outrage and dispatched drug agents to the places growing and selling pot, but those sporadic raids couldn't keep the wall intact.

Twenty-eight states and Washington D.C. now have legal medical marijuana. Instead, it encouraged the states to pass and enforce their own laws.

The largest USA marijuana company (that isn't a biotech) in terms of market cap is Medical Marijuana, Inc.

A few countries have authorized cultivation but not the sale of pot. By the 1990s, the legal tide began to turn, with California legalizing marijuana for medical use in 1996 and Washington voters following in 1998.

Actually, everywhere in the USA, since state can't override federal law.

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Presidents from different parties have responded in similar ways to legalization measures.

Democrats and Republicans have held the White House as states defied pot prohibition.

Despite Patrick Kennedy's intense battle against marijuana legalization, despite Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly flip-flopping his stance on cannabis, despite Donald Trump's recently elected drug czar Tom Marino being a weed prohibitionist, despite marijuana still being classified as a Schedule I drug on level with heroin, this has not stopped from the public's casual embrace of cannabis. In response, marijuana businesses in some states started coming out of the shadows, behaving like traditional retailers, complete with storefronts and advertising.

The survey, conducted by the Angus Reid Institute (ARI) shortly after the government tabled its marijuana legalization legislation last week, found that 63 per cent of respondents were strongly or moderately in favour of the Liberals' plan. We think the federal government's stance on it should reflect that. Ask any epilepsy patient with a medical card or any veteran with PTSD who uses marijuana, and they'll tell you all the benefits from utilizing not only the THC but all parts of the plant itself to help lower their respective ailment's effects.

Confused? So is the industry, which continues to grow despite the uncertainty. First hearing on Rhode Island marijuana legalization scheduled.

According to New Frontier, a research company that analyzes the marijuana industry, sales on 4/20 tend to be several times higher than on other days, and discounts play a role in driving that. Those who now use marijuana report that while under the influence, 52 percent are most likely to watch television, 45 percent are most likely to eat, 41 percent prefer to listen to music, 33 percent smoke to socialize and 31 percent are likely to drink alcohol after smoking.

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