April 30, 2017

Stephen Hawking: I Don't Feel Welcome in Donald Trump's America

20 March 2017, 06:25 | Taylor George

ITV FLIRTATIOUS Piers cheekily referred to what he would spend his last 5 minutes on earth doing

Piers Morgan on GMB

Professor Stephen Hawking is heading into space after billionaire Richard Branson offered to take him on his Virgin Galactic spaceship - once it's actually ready to launch. "My three children have brought me great joy". But I do remember when I was happiest.

The scientist, who was opposed to leaving the European Union, said if the referendum decision must be implemented "it shouldn't be a hard Brexit as the right wing of the Conservative Party want".

Earlier this month, Hawking said that the aggressive instincts of humans, coupled with the fast pace of growth in technology may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war, adding that only a "world government" may prevent this impending doom.

"I said yes immediately", Hawking said. "He doesn't come across as a strong leader, and he allowed the media to portray him as a leftwing extremist, which he's not", Hawking said.

The scientist - who previously referred to Mr Trump as a "demagogue" - said he still admires America but fears that he "may not be welcome" there any more.

"I would like to visit again and talk to other scientists, but I fear that I may not be welcome", he said, while also pointing to the President's environmental policy as a key area of concern.

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Hawking said that the trip would fulfill a lifelong dream. Good Morning Britain Handout photo issued by Virgin Galactic of the Virgin Spaceship Unity (VSS Unity). "It's no good having the right principles if you never get in power".

In an interview with Good Morning Britain that aired on Monday, the famed author and physicist told host Piers Morgan that he was particularly concerned about how Trump's administration will handle climate change, which Hawking has, in the past, cited as an existential threat to the world that could potentially wipe out humanity.

Hawking said Trump had been elected by those "who felt disenfranchised by the governing elite in a revolt against globalisation".

Hawking also said that the recent trends in US politics have made him concerned about future visits to the country, the Guardian reported.

And on whether he had worked out the mystery of true love since he had solved the mystery of life, Professor Hawking said: "Thankfully, this is beyond human reasoning".

Hawking replied, "I have no idea".

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