May 27, 2017

Iowans Prepare for Monday's Supreme Court Justice Hearing

20 March 2017, 06:01 | Melvin Schneider

"He will either get 60 votes and be confirmed, or otherwise, whatever procedural steps are necessary, I believe, within a month or two, Neil Gorsuch will be an associate justice of the Supreme Court". Is it nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous outrage on the Left and hope to find a path for re-election next year?

In three other cases, cloture votes were taken in the Senate about a Supreme Court nominee and all failed, in the cases of William Rehnquist (twice) and Samuel Alito.

Given the high-stakes related to Gorsuch's nomination, a short-handed Court and a politically charged atmosphere in Washington, only a situation involving the filibuster or an unforeseen circumstance would prevent Gorsuch from getting a floor vote.

Democrats will question whether Mr Gorsuch, a respected conservative judge on a Colorado appeals court, will maintain independence from Mr Trump.

Republicans control 52 of the Senate's 100 seats.

The clerks backing of Gorsuch is funded by the Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative political organization. The campaign against Bork was run by leftist activists and Democratic senators and included publishing his video rental records and scurrilous allegations of reprehensible views, lack of evidence notwithstanding. Although they may not get the answers they seek, Democrats are sure to launch the inquiry. The unusual Republican tactic blocked a leftward shift on the court.

The problem with that argument is one Hulse never mentions in his analysis: Harry Reid. The party has also been slow to settle on a clear line of attack against the 10th Circuit Court judge.

The Supreme Court has recognized and protected a number of unwritten rights over the years, such as the right to privacy, the right of parents to educate their children in private schools, and the right to gay marriage.

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"It seems as if too many of them are too impressed by Gorsuch's personal polish and resume to see past them to how damaging his record is when it comes to the impact on everyday people", she said. President Bush didn't get the chance to nominate another Supreme Court Justice, but the Democrats appeared more than ready to block anyone if he did.

Gorsuch is a highly regarded conservative appeals court judge from Colorado who was chosen to succeed one of his heroes: the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Through this impartial approach, Gorsuch has shown respect for the democratically elected branches of government and the constitutionally prescribed separation of powers.

For Democrats in solidly blue states, knee-jerk opposition is the path of least resistance. They describe Gorsuch as thoughtful, considerate and fair-minded. Ten Democrats are running for reelection in states that Trump carried in 2016.

The nominee will make an opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday to kick off hearings that could span four days. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.

"We're not hearing from enough of the Democratic senators that they will fight this nomination with everything they have". Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.). Progressive groups claim that Gorsuch is vulnerable to be painted negatively in light of economic populism, but that's a tough sell for a judicial nomination - and that argument lost twice for the Left past year.

"There was a nomination on the table; it wasn't acted on as it should have been under the Constitution", Siegel says.

Progressives are demanding that red-state Democrats double down on that failure. Instead, they will be competing for attention during a manic moment on Capitol Hill: The House Intelligence Committee will meet publicly Monday regarding Russia's role in the presidential election, with FBI Director James Comey set to testify; and House Republican leaders are hammering out the final details of their health care reform bill, which is expected to come to a vote Thursday.

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