March 23, 2018

Grassley to lead this week's hearing on Supreme Court nominee

20 March 2017, 10:14 | Taylor George

Judge Richard Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit - nominated by President Ronald Reagan - made these points less than a decade ago in his book "How Judges Think", while Benjamin Cardozo - nominated to the Supreme Court by President Herbert Hoover - delivered the same lessons in "The Nature of the Judicial Process" almost a century ago.

All Gorsuch, 49, has to do is stick to what's mostly a well-worn script for nominees.

It was a move opposed by many Democratic senators, like Manchin and current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Without googling, who is Neil Gorsuch?

Neil Gorsuch will very likely be confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice, but only after a twilight battle with many dimensions.

Democrats seized on the case of lorry driver Alphonse Maddin. He then announced that all our hands should be raised because "many" women use their companies for maternity benefits and then leave the company after the baby is born. "Based on his extensive record, there can be no doubt that, had he been on the Court, Judge Gorsuch would have rejected each of these basic rights". "'Documents provided by the Justice Department demonstrate you had a leading role in litigation and strategy over executive power and national security matters that have not yet been identified to the committee, ' Feinstein (D-Calif.) wrote to Gorsuch". Bob Casey and Republican Sen. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California started her statement by saying she wished Mr Gorsuch was in front of the committee under better circumstances. And others will use the hearings to raise concerns about the direction of the Roberts Court in the Trump Era, given the large array of critical issues that could soon come before SCOTUS, including some that were stalled previous year due to a deadlocked Court awaiting Scalia's replacement.

Gorsuch presented the discussion "as the way he personally felt about those subjects", the anonymous student said in the affidavit, which was drafted by a member of NELA's Judicial Nominations Committee.

Gorsuch's nomination is of particular importance to Cruz, who fought Trump to the bitter end in the presidential race and for months declined to endorse the GOP nominee.

Ordinary Americans may be understandably perplexed by the controversy over nominating a judge to the highest court in the land. Alito said that "there needs to be a special justification for overruling a prior precedent". "I firmly believe the Constitution is a living document that evolves as our country evolves", she said, adding that if some justices had not treated it as such, we would still have segregated schools and unequal protections for women.

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On the eve of Gorsuch's Supreme Court confirmation hearings, two legal groups posted a letter from Jennifer Sisk, a former law student who said she was concerned about the values Gorsuch shared with her class on legal ethics and professionalism in 2016.

The first was whether Mr Gorsuch would be too close to Mr Trump.

"He's going to win a lot of points by standing up for the independence of the judiciary", Fitzpatrick said.

"I think Harry Reid made a grave mistake", Manchin commented.

Though Sisk told NPR that Gorsuch was, overall, a good professor and she did not want to prevent him from teaching, she chose to send the letter to the Senate Judiciary committee "so that the proper questions could be asked during his confirmation hearings".

"I don't know how we got here as a nation", Graham said Monday.

Other Republicans argued that Gorsuch should be judged on his own merits, legal writings and decisions - not compared to the man who nominated him. Grassley won reelection with 60 percent of the vote.

The hearing will last four days, from Monday through Thursday. "I don't accept the view that they are kabuki theater".

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