May 27, 2017

Cheerios give away over 1.5 billion seeds to save the bees

20 March 2017, 04:45 | Joan Schultz

Cheerios give away over 1.5 billion seeds to save the bees

Cheerios give away over 1.5 billion seeds to save the bees

This year they are making the same, but principally focused on children, trying to educate them about the importance of keeping bees safe.

In an effort to help the declining bee population in the U.S., Cheerios removed its bee mascot Buzz from the front of its cereal boxes and is sending out free wildflower seed packets to people across the country - a move that could be unsafe since some of the flowers included are invasive species to certain areas.

Once recipients receive the wildflower seeds, they are asked to plant them in a "bee-friendly" area.

A Cheerios' cereal box featuring the new #bringbackthebees campaign.

"And now bees need people,".

The bee population is declining and it appears one cereal brand wants to help.

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Some critics are trying to stop the campaign saying that some of the wildflowers are potentially invasive so that they could be harmful to the ecosystem.

They point to a recent study by Food Democracy Now! a grassroots organizations dedicated to sustainability which says some of the fields General Mills buys oats from used herbicides suspected of hurting bee populations. It also said the seeds "are not considered invasive" but didn't give further details.

But bee colonies are collapsing around the world as parasites, pesticides and habitat loss take a deadly toll.

According to Beeinformed, since 2015 to 2016, the United States beekeepers lost 44 percent of their bee colonies.

In a statement, said the flower varieties "were selected for their flowers which produce nectar and pollen that are attractive to bees and other pollinators".

Cheerios sites facts on its website about declining bee populations, such as "42 percent of bee colonies in the USA collapsed in 2015" and "1 in 3 bites of food we eat is made possible by bees and other pollinators".

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