March 25, 2017

Robert De Niro, Robert Kennedy Launch Campaign Against Big Pharma

17 February 2017, 02:55 | Winifred Adams

Robert De Niro, Robert Kennedy Launch Campaign Against Big Pharma

Robert De Niro, Robert Kennedy Launch Campaign Against Big Pharma

The press conference held on February 15 saw both De Niro and Kennedy discuss and claim that vaccines containing thimerosal are risky, as it leads to autism in children and pregnant mothers who receive vaccinations.

Kennedy added that he recently met President Trump to propose building a vaccine safety commission.

The veteran actor along with the chairman of World Mercury Project has challenged that if any individual can prove that vaccines are safe, they will offer them an amount of $100,000. They clarified that the president was instead looking at "the possibility of forming a committee on autism" but that no decisions had been made at that point. The Trump team pushed back a bit on that claim, but, seriously, what was Trump doing wasting his time with Kennedy? In a conspiracy theorist's flourish, he also said Trump told him "he knew that the pharmaceutical industry was going to cause an uproar" about it. What's RFK Jr. talking about? They also provided research that shows there's no link between thimerosal and autism.

Kennedy stressed that, contrary to countless claims that he is "anti-vaccine" and wishes to end the country's vaccination program; nothing could be further from the truth.

Presumably, none of the studies featured on the FDA page will be accepted.

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Kennedy's article at Salon was retracted, after the online magazine had to run a series of corrections that contradicted numerous piece's claims.

Although few of the vaccines for flu still contain this compound, there is no evidence whatsoever that pregnant women who were given this flu vaccine gave birth to autistic children. Trump "knew many people who thought and believed their children were injured by vaccines". So it's not clear why Kennedy continues on this mercury and vaccines tirade.

In 2005, he published an article titled "Deadly Immunity", in both Rolling Stone and Salon, alleging that the mercury-based chemical thimerosal causes mercury poisoning and in turn autism, according to Vox. Even studies listed by the CDC on its website, to exonerate thimerosal as an autism culprit, link thimerosal exposure to low IQ, diminished language and motor skills, and tics, a family of neurological disorders that includes Tourette Syndrome.

De Niro and Kennedy specifically cited the use of thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative used in some vaccines. I can say one thing, as the parent of an autistic child: Trump is doing the autism communities no favors.

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